PSI-1600-20L  SERIES

RF Over Fiber Link up to 20 GHz

The PSI-1600-20L Series is a family of high-performance microwave photonic links intended for antenna remoting or RF/IF signal distribution in military systems, satellite communications, radio astronomy, optical delay lines, cellular/wireless base stations or other applications with operation RF performance up to 20 GHz.

The PSI-1601-20L is a wideband RF over fiber optic cable link offering excellent dynamic range up to 20 GHz at an economical price point. RF amplified versions of this link are also available. The PSI-1602-20L link includes RF amplification in the transmitter module to optimize noise figure, the PSI-1603-20L link employs RF amplification only in the receiver module and the PSI-1604-20L link includes RF amplification in both the transmitter and receiver modules of the link.

Standard part number link performance is shown in the datasheets, but the links can be optimized for application specific performance requirements. RF performance such as bandwidth, noise figure, gain, and dynamic range can be adjusted based on system requirements.  Mechanical packaging and optical connectors can also be modified as required. Please contact PSI with your application specific need and request.