Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR)

Photonic System Inc. (PSI) has created disruptive technology that enables single channel, full-duplex communications via a single antenna on any wireless device. Also referred to as a Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) on the same frequency, PSI’s technology could effectively double the capacity of any wireless communication network within the existing allocated RF spectrum while saving wireless service providers billions of dollars in spectrum licensing fees.

PSI invented, developed and demonstrated what we call STARbox; a new radio front-end circuit (hardware that interfaces directly with the antenna) that provides high isolation between the transmit path and receive path inside any radio or wireless device.  Some of the advantages of PSI’s STARbox solution include:

  • Enables STAR capability through a single existing antenna

  • Compatible with worldwide network standards

  • Simple, easy to include in existing radio designs

  • Requires no additional antennas or precise spacing among multiple antennas

  • All components can be integrated onto a single, integrated circuit

  • Can be made backward compatible with existing wireless networks

  • Can be small and low cost

Watch FM Radio STAR Demonstration