Single-Frequency, Full-Duplex Radio Solutions

Single-Antenna Simultaneous Transmit and Receive (STAR) RF Front-ends

PSI has invented and developed RF front-end circuits that enable dramatic advances in spectrum efficiency by allowing radios to communicate simultaneously on the same frequency. This technology effectively doubles the capacity of any wireless communication network and will help alleviate the mounting available spectrum crisis. Using a combination of unique circuit techniques, PSI's front-end solutions actively suppress the large self-interfering transmit signal while preserving the much weaker remote received signal.

Since the first demonstration system in 2008, PSI has developed and delivered single-frequency full-duplex enabling front-end products for a variety of applications in different frequency bands. Product solutions have been either RF-in to RF-out (all analog) such as our PSI-8650 STARbox™ developer’s front-end providing up 70 dB of transmit-to-receive (T/R) isolation or RF-in to digital-out front-end sub-systems providing >100 dB of T/R isolation.  For applications requirng smaller packaging opions, PSI now offers engineerring protoypes of the PSI-8611-001G STARchip™Products using only electronic circuit technology or a combination of electronic circuit and photonic technology have been provided, For applications requiring smaller packaging options, PSI now offer engineering prototypes of the PSI-8611-001G STARchip hybrid IC, Contact PSI for further details.


Please contact PSI for more information about this breakthrough solution in spectrum efficiency and to discuss your application requirements.


PSI-8650 STARbox


PSI-8650 STARbox™ Developer's Front-end

STARchip on Eval Board

                      PSI-8611-001G STARchip

Watch FM Radio STAR Demonstration