RF Interference Cancellers

LArge Signal CANceller (LASCAN™) and INchip™ RF Interference Mitigation Solutions

PSI's Large Signal Subtractor and Canceller (LASCAN™) significantly reduces unwanted RF interference in system using the electromagnetic spectrum.  Such systems often needs to maintain operation in the face of large interfering signals that can be as much as 100 dB stronger than the signal of interest (SOI) that the equipment needs to receive. When connected between the antenna and the systems transmit and receive paths, LASSCAN™ had demonstrated 60-70 dB of large interference signal cancellation.

LASSCAN™ is applicable to systems that operates in any RF band; to date LASSCAN™ has been demonstrated to operate in frequency bands between the low end of HF (3 MHz) and the high end of X-band (12 GHz); operation is possible as high as W-band (100 GHz).  LASSCAN is also capable of mitigating all forms of co-spectrum interference: co-site (desired and interfering signal spectra do not overlap); co-channel (desired and interfering signal spectra do overlap) and co-angle (desired and interfering signals come from the same direction).

PSI has provided RF interference cancellers handling 50 Watts of power in rack based packaging and developed lower power, much smaller size hybrid IC versions called INchip™.

Interference Canceller Block Diagram



PSI-7611-001G INchip on Board
PSI-7611-001G INchip™

PSI-7600 50W
PSI-7600 50W Interference Canceller

Please contact PSI for more information about this breakthrough technlogy that reduces unwanted RF spectrum interference and to discuss your application requirements.