RF & Photonic Test Services

PSI offers complete, cost-effective photonic and RF device and sub-system test development services for  customers requiring expert assitance . Our engineers and technicians have the experience, skills and equipment to accommodate customers’ simple or sophisticated requirements for the wide variety of photonic and RF components up to 50 GHz.  Please contact PSI to discuss your RF and/or photonic test service requirements.

Component Verification & Characterization

  • Photonic Transmitters, Lasers and Modulators
  • Photonic Receivers and Detectors
  • Optical Amplifiers
  • Wave-Division Multiplexing (WDM) Devices
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Systems
  • RF Amplifiers
  • RF Cabling Systems

Measurement Equipment Capabilities

  • 2 and 4 Port Network Analyzers (up to 50 GHz)
  • Noise Figure Measurement
  • Microwave Spectrum Analyzers
  • Photonic Spectrum Analyzers
  • Lightwave Analyzers
  • Intermodulation Distortion Testing
  • Antenna Anechoic Chamber
  • Gain and Radiation Pattern up to 40 GHz

Benefits of PSI Test Services

  • Competitive Cost
  • Faster Test Development
  • Lower Test Overhead
  • Lower Capitalization Cost
  • Extensive Photonic and RF Test Experience and Know How