Transmit-Isolating Receive (TIRx™) RF Front-End

The TIRx™ RF Front-End is a patented four-port devices that permits high-isolation routing of transmit and receive signals provided to and retrieved from the bi-directional port to which an antenna element is connected, as well as to and from a second, identical, bi-directional port to which the user connects an impedance that replicates the antenna impedance versus frequency.  The presence of this second bi-directional port – which PSI calls the “ANTENNA BALANCE” port (2B) – is one important characteristic that distinguishes a TIRx™ from conventional ferrite circulators.  At any frequency where the impedance presented to ports 2A and 2B equal to one another, the transmit signal at port 1 will be routed to the antenna connected to port 2A, and the signal received by the antenna will be routed to port 3, but port 3 will be substantially isolated from port 1 – i.e., the front end will have excellent “T/R isolation”.

TIRx™ has bandwidth and isolation of a broad bandwidth switch and the simultaneous T/R capability of a circulator.

Measured Isolation Over Frequency of Broadband TIRx


* US Patents 7,555,219; 7,809,216; 7,826,751.



Data Sheets

PSI-6600 TIRx Series

PSI-6650 TIRx Series