Trade Studies 

PSI provides a wide range of consulting services related to the design, troubleshooting, and evaluation of high-performance photonic, RF, and antenna components and systems. PSI’s clients have leveraged our unparalleled experience in the microwave photonics field to perform a variety of industry trade studies.

Examples of problems to which commercial and government users have worked with PSI include:

  • Analysis and evaluation of link designs that mitigate the effects of Rayleigh scattering in links that cannot accommodate optical isolators
  • Estimation of a proposed system configuration incorporating newly developed photonic components
  • Completion of a link trade study to identify a low-cost broad-bandwidth link design, and fabrication of prototypes
  • The technical evaluation of the electro-optic component development work performed by government-sponsored contractors

PSI is also available to help assess new photonics technologies in order to make clear decisions on capital allocation and intellectual property investments.  PSI offers due-diligence evaluation of companies under consideration for funding by venture capitalists, angel investors  or acquiring companies.