Research & Development at PSI

PSI has a successfully managed numerous small and large contract R&D (CRAD) programs serving in both prime contractor and subcontractor roles. From initial studies to the development of large system demonstration hardware, PSI has the technical and program management expertise to achieve the agreed upon objectives on time and on budget.
Some results of  PSI CRAD projects include:

  • Demonstration of first photonically-enabled simultaneous transmit and receive (P-STAR) capability (prime)
  • Achievement of a record 7 ENOB at 10 GHz (20 GSPS) as part of the Aerospace-led team on the DARPA PHOBIAC photonic ADC program (subcontractor)
  • Design and fabrication of a tunable, low-noise laser for the EMPIRE program (subcontractor)
  • Evaluation of Digital/Analog WDM Networks (DAWN) program for local area, metro and long haul (prime)
  • Analysis of Digital/Analog WDM Network (DAWN) for a 32-channel analog WDM network for sensors applications deployed in or near hostile territory (prime)
  • Development of a cascade laser for high performance directly modulated photonic link for the RF Lightwave Integrated Circuits (RFLICS) program (prime)
  • Extensive work on the DARPA PACT photonic ADC program, including design and construction of a 1x8 demultiplexer switch array (subcontractor)
  • Installation and implementation of Bossnet, a unique 1000-km embedded WDM fiber network that runs from MIT Lincoln Laboratory to Washington D. C. (subcontractor)

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